Mommy and Aunty Jess took me to the zoo with Daniel (my little brother), my best friend Violet, and her Mommy Romana today. I’ve never been to the zoo before. We walked to the train station. Then we rode a train. Aunty Jess met us on the train. Then we rode a ferry! Oh, and then a bus. It took a while to get to the zoo!

Riding on the ferry

We had fun looking at all the animals. Violet got a noisy stick toy, but I wanted one too. She shared with me. We took turns. When it was my turn to play with the noisy stick, Violet got a turn taking pictures with my camera. That’s why there are lots of pictures of me. Violet took them.

Me playing with the noisy stick. Violet took this picture!

Romana bought us ice cream! I held hands with Violet and we ran and ran and ran. And then Mommy and Aunty Jess and Romana used all of their spare change to buy me a noisy stick too!

We had so much fun!

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I'm an American mom living in a slightly dodgy 2 bedroom apartment in Australia with my husband, daughter, and son. I'm a bit awkward and I embarrass myself almost daily.

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  1. Renee says:

    I like looking at your pictures Hannah. My favorite is the one of the city. What a nice picture!

    • Mommy: “Hannah, someone says they like looking at your pictures and their favourite one is the one of the city. What would you like me to say back to them?” Hannah: “Who? Is it Grandma? Is it YaYa?” Mommy: “No, someone on the internet.” Hannah: “Is it Grandpa John?” Mommy: “No. What would you like to say? Maybe Thank you?” Hannah: “Thank you. Is it Aunty Jess.” Hahahahahahaha!

  2. […] I made a blog for Hannah’s photos. It’s interesting what 3 year olds take photos of. Here is her zoo post if you’d like to see […]

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